Frayed Edges
Video works commissioned for the exhibition 'Frayed Edges' at The Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts & Design 2020. 
Frayed Edges X 1000
A foray into the microscopic sphere, reveals the enigmatic and frayed world of a textile characterized by a heterogeneous materiality. Two fabric samples showcased in the exhibition – one a composite of textile and concrete, the other a cotton fabric containing carbon nanotube fibers (CNT) – have been scanned by a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The scan reveals the microscopic encounter between the different components of the composite material, resembling anatomical and archeological phenomena. While allowing a secretive point of view, the video remain noisy and disturbed, reminding the spectator the limitations of technology.
Movement of Water in Porous Media
This video work is a compilation of excerpts from films documenting research experiments with the aim of developing a textile and cement composite material. During each experiment, a transparent container containing various powders is observe from below, as water drips into it. The water trickling through the porous powder is diffused, while creating a range of interesting patterns. In some cases, a knitted spacer fabric is intentionally incorporated to influence the movement of the water.